Annual reports & tax filings

Transfer the burden of annual state compliance 
to our expert team. Let DBO fully manage your annual reports,  ensuring your good standing at all times.

What is
an annual report? 

An annual report is a comprehensive document that businesses are required to submit to state governments, typically on an annual basis. 
Submission of this report — in full, and on time — ensures that your entity remains in good standing in the state in which it is filed or registered. This allows you to retain the necessary rights to act and conduct business in that state. 

Know your entities are in good standing — always 

State report filings are complicated and time-consuming — and the penalties for missed deadlines are high.
When you offload this burden to our seasoned team, you get more time, more peace of mind, and guaranteed compliance.

We manage the process from start to finish


Preparation of the annual report

We gather all relevant information and prepare the detailed report.


Computation of annual state fees

We confirm that all information is accurate, and determine the sum of fees owed.


Filing of completed documents

We submit all requisite reports & payments — meeting all relevant deadlines — then notify you of the successful filing.


Simplified annual reporting — at competitive rates

Complete Annual Reporting

Gathering of all required information
Computation of fees
Completion of full report
Submission to state authorities, meeting all relevant deadlines.
$50 per entity, per year
(plus state fees)
*Substantial reductions available if engaged in advance

Frequently asked questions

Do all states require annual reports?

Most, but not all.

What if my business is registered in multiple states?

Most states require an annual report, so you will likely need to file in multiple states.

When are the reports due?

Due date varies by state. We stay on top of all due dates in the various states in which your entities are registered, ensuring that all reports and filings are submitted on time.

How much will it cost for you to handle this?

$50 per entity filing (plus state costs) with a substantial discount when included as part of an annual package.

What information will I need to provide?

This varies by state, but can include a description of management, beneficial ownership, diversity statement, and business contact information, among other things.

Will I need to submit the reports myself?

No. As part of our compliance service, DBO will submit your annual reports to any states in which you are registered. We’ll notify you whenever a report is successfully filed.

Annual compliance is complicated.
Let us fully manage the process

Filing reports on time — and staying on top of all regulations — is a significant undertaking.

DBO actively monitors and addresses these requirements on your behalf,  maintaining your good standing in whichever states you operate.